Delusional Windows Fanboiz

Today I laughed at just how bad a Windows-based slate was in its review and the MS fanboiz jumped all over me.

With friends like those, who insist there is nothing really wrong with Windows for touchscreens, who needs enemies?

Then again, perhaps they’re just following the Let’s Ignore Reality lead of Steve Ballmer, who can be seen in the video after the break defying what’s right in front of his face.

Yeah, Steve. “It is what it is” — and it’s not what’s selling.

It’s 2011. Where are all those Slate PCs you threatened the world with back at CES in 2009?


But hey! You got Skype! Nice setting of priorities there.



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3 responses to “Delusional Windows Fanboiz

  1. Keishon

    Is he crazy? Just “work with it?” No thanks.

  2. phred

    “Work with it.” Really?

    That’s always been the problem with WIndows OS and why I finally dropped it. I got tired of spending half my day on “work arounds” when I should have simply been either working, or enjoying.

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