Editor For webOS 2.x

I got a press release in:

Tamoggemon releases Editor for webOS

Palm’s webOS devices can be used as USB sticks – loading text files, html pages and all kinds of source code onto them is easy. But once the text is on the box, it stays there – editing it is impossible.

Tamoggemon Editor is the first text editor for webOS. Use it to work with all kinds of plain text files while on the go – all webOS 2.0 devices are supported.

Editor is fully multitasking capable. Open multiple files in cards, and switch between them effortlessly like you would switch between applications.

As a bonus feature, Editor also supports a flexible Find&Replace facility which makes bulk changes of files really easy.

The product is available on App Catalog as of this writing. A single user license costs 1.99 USD.

Screensnaps after the break.

I think a full Office suite will be bundled with the HP TouchPad. Still, perhaps this will be an interesting option for the future.

I have a ton of stored text files to go through — and I want to do that on a tablet, not a desktop.

If you try it on your webOS device, leave a Comment.


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4 responses to “Editor For webOS 2.x

  1. Now you can register Editor as default app for text viewing AND editing… :-)

  2. Carla D

    Can you use this on HP TouchPad?

  3. Yes, this app is TouchPad ready! It works great! The latest version (v.1.0.11) comes with a very cool new feature: PDF export!

    Download here:

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