The Kindle For PC 1969 Bug

As I reported earlier, since I got the latest version of Kindle for PC, I could no longer sort my books with By Most Recent.

Moments ago, I had to use the software to download some freebies I had queued up.

Well, I got curious and decided to pop out of the icon view into list view.

And that’s when I saw what the problem has been.

Click = big

As it turns out, this has been a past problem with the Kindle itself.

And had I not had Automatically Update checked, I might have eventually seen this Mobileread thread first, where this is:

One bug I noticed is that all books were set to the same date of usage:12/31/1969 at 7:00 PM.

Once opened, however, the current date and time were stamped on the book. If you sort by most recent book and have a lot of books, that could be a problem.


I now have over twelve hundred freebies and Samples. And I have to manually open and close each one to correct the date/timestamp?!

Update: Amazon has not yet solved this problem and it is being discussed by others (who get the year 1970 instead of 1969!) at one of the Amazon forums.

Update 2: Wow, this is a total mess. Yes, the time/datestamp is updated if a book is opened and closed. But that doesn’t solve the overarching problem that new downloads get an incorrect stamp. I like to view By Most Recent by default to immediately see the new stuff that’s come in. Now it gets buried in the pile. Amazon really needs to fix this without the one solution they told someone else: delete everything (including books!) and reinstall the software and redownload everything. That would not redownload my Samples, which is really my local Wish List (I don’t have my Samples in any Wish List online).

Update 3: Amazon Replies To 1969 Bug Query


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6 responses to “The Kindle For PC 1969 Bug

  1. Welcome to the future… or past… nevermind.

    That can be a real problem. I wasn’t even born in 1969. I’ve been using the Kindle app on my rooted NookColor offline since I still don’t have Internet at home (cable guy is going tomorrow, crisis averted).

  2. starrynight

    Uninstall V1.5. Find Kindle for PC V1.4.1 from cdnet and reinstall. It should fix the problem. I had the same problem and this resolved it. Make sure to uncheck the automatically install updates under the options.

  3. Raymond Wong

    I am the one who post in the amazon forum and mentioned that the time stamp is 01/01/1970 8:00AM.

    Guess why we got different time stamp? I suspect it is due to that I am in Asia Pacific, a time zone around 12 hours ahead the time zone of America.

    What I guess is somehow the application hard code the timestamp.

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