HP TouchPad Shows Up At Best Buy Site

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HP TouchPad

Ah, this is good!



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4 responses to “HP TouchPad Shows Up At Best Buy Site

  1. richfinck

    I stole your pic and posted a survey on webdoc. Almost 24 hours later there is zero interest. Admittedly not exactly scientific but only one comment bothers me. I am waiting to see this thing, as WebOS works like a charm on my Pre Plus. I am racking my brain to figure where this might fit in my gaggle of gadgets. Thus far I am at a loss. Not sure the price will be of much help on this either. Not an impulse purchase from where I stand, and I am waiting on the right device for that feel good purchase. Check the survey here…http://www.webdoc.com/documents/C4C6E4B9-A870-0001-CA15-FBB0C75E13EA

    • mikecane

      Well, it’s Best Buy’s and HP’s pic. This is the Internet. We all share. Ha, yours is the first non-promo Webdoc I have been too. Cute way they do that poll. Of course I voted with the heart! I don’t have a gaggle of gadgets, so this will fit in very well.

    • webdoc is a little too new to generate lots of interest unless you shared the post on some of the established social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Of course that won’t help Mike. Ha!

      My comment must be the one bothering you. I don’t have any specific knowledge of the WebOS devices, so don’t let me damper your enthusiasm.

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