Into The RSS Stream Again

Why do I bother to do this to myself?

RSS has failed for me with Google Reader.

It’s failed for me with Opera.

Today I discovered the Live Bookmark feature of Firefox.

All I have to do is look at a Bookmark to see new headlines.

No more (very, very slow) hopping from site to site.

We’ll see how long this lasts.

Update: It turns out the default is to check a feed every hour. That’s worthless. So I found an Add-On that improves the experience and now will check feeds every five minutes and also lets me mark everything as Read. We’ll see how this goes.

Update 2: Oh yes. This is working wonderfully! No more jumping to a site to see something I’m not interested in or finding out there’s nothing new. The acid test will be coming up later. Having feeds checked while I’m in a live chat session with streaming video incoming.



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2 responses to “Into The RSS Stream Again

  1. Well, I found Google Reader to be good. But the Firefox live bookmarks are simple, straight to it, so that makes sense. Maybe everyone made RSS too complex, too hard, when it never needed to be.

    In fact, I’m going to crank up Live Bookmarks now…

    • mikecane

      When I have a tablet finally, all my web checking will be done on that, including RSS. Desktops are only good for wrestling with creation that requires CPU muscle.

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