Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 Priced!

J&R website listing:

Update: Later the same day. Apparently that listing has been disappeared. Another premature J&R leak? Now you see why I screensnap things!

Click = big

I wonder if J&R will carry the 16GB model too?

To compare:

iPod Touch 8GB $229
iPod Touch 32GB $299
iPod Touch 64GB $399

So let’s say the in-store price is actually $299 (that’s how it sometimes works with J&R), that would mean 1/4th the storage of a similarly-priced iPod Touch. However, the Samsung has a 5″ screen with better viewing angles, two better cameras, and a card slot.

However, if the in-store price will actually be $269, it smashes the iPod Touch altogether.

Here’s a new video pimping the Korean version of this:

I want to write “Look how big it is in her hand!” but some of you have filthy minds.


Previously here:

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