Liberty Media + Barnes & Noble?

Breaking: Liberty Media Offers Nearly $1 Billion For Barnes & Noble

My head spins.

John Malone made his name with cable TV. In a very big way.

What he’s up to these days is so labyrinthine that I’m having trouble parsing all this. (That wikipedia entry might also have some errors, by the way, so parse carefully.)

This could be seen as either an investment in digital, an indication that he knows Barnes & Noble has a huge announcement next week, or something I can’t even think of this close to sleep time.

Everyone will be buzzing about this. Analysts will jump in with their spin.

Let me say right now that I don’t think he would be doing this if Barnes & Noble intended to remain as a domestic eBook player. That market is just too small.

This also makes me wonder now if Amazon will jump in to buy Borders.


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