So How Is That RSS Thing Going?

It’s been near twenty-four hours, enough time to judge.

It has been going almost well.

What I don’t like is that I can’t find any way to purge the RSS menu of items marked Read. They just stay around in faint gray text. I don’t like that.

Also, I must scale back checking feeds every five minutes. It’s too annoying and I’m beginning to have twitchy Vietnam-like flashbacks to when I was still using Twitter and the Echofon Firefox Add-On. Update: I moved it to check every twelve minutes. That’s still too distracting. Moving it to every twenty minutes.

Other than that, I have perhaps 40 sites now relegated to Live Bookmarks RSS. I will likely add more.

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Into The RSS Stream Again



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2 responses to “So How Is That RSS Thing Going?

  1. The best RSS readers have OPML file import and export. OPML is a file with a whole load of RSS feeds. So you could have every feed from a newspaper in an OPML file. It makes it easy to import lots of RSS in one.

    It’s not that popular. Yet it’s the easy way to plugin in all the news channels you need.

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