Music: OttO Vector

It was February 15, 2007 and I was just about a groupie of a now-defunct band called Girls Don’t Cry.

They were playing at a place called Pianos. I did something uncharacteristic that night because it was so damn cold outside (I can still remember it!). I went inside before they were due to start and heard some of the band preceding them.

I was too cold to concentrate but right away I was impressed by the power of the singer. When the band left the stage, I told the singer, and I wound up with a free CD out of the blue.

Her name is Renee and the band is OttO Vector.

They are still together today and recently they’ve put up three new videos.

Like everything else, I’ve fallen behind with them. I think I’m behind an album or two. But the ones I have, there are cuts on them that are some of my most-played music. I really love the strange, poetic lyrics, Renee’s powerful voice, the great playing, and their spot-on mixing. They have had a distinct style that I would recognize anywhere.

Ah, but bands undergo changes.

“Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” could never be seen in “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” even though, perhaps, the genesis of it was really there in a chord done a certain way.

So these three OttO Vector videos are somewhat like that. The first already shows an evolution of their sound, but it’s still grounded in everything I loved about them:

With the second, there is an obvious pulling away from that. It seems almost European:

And now this latest one:

I could never see that coming from their earliest music.


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  1. If anything I like that latest tune best. There’s echoes of 80s New Romantic and maybe now they’re going for the Katy Perry market in a bid to gain greater success.

    With that in mind, maybe they should write a song about Katy Perry/Russell Brand naming them… a play on I Kissed A Girl – and liked it, hence Russell is having a sex change….

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