Writer Societies Are Led By The Brain Dead

The American brain dead of the Author’s Guild has a good match in England with the Society of Authors similarly lead by the brain dead.

Excitement and relief over Waterstone’s future

Writer Tom Holland, president of the Society of Authors, said… “There is something deeply sensory about Daunt’s bookshops. They are the literary equivalent of walking into a delicious bakery. That’s something he can bring to Waterstone’s which can’t be replicated online.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Does this guy even own a computer? Does he have an Internet connection?

Has he never heard of this thing called pornography?

He can argue all he wants about porn not being a human being “replicated online,” but there are lots of girls, women, and others pulling in big bucks from live video streams people — generally men — wank to.

And I bet there’s more money being spent on that than in print bookstores.

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One response to “Writer Societies Are Led By The Brain Dead

  1. The UK Society of Authors are dopes. Literary agents encourage you to join, so do publishers, and so do wannabee author books. I never did – going way back I thought they were dumb-asses. Head in the clouds, no notion of marketing (just like mainstream publishers).

    As far as I’m concerned, publishing and its derivatives deserves the current meltdown. Bring on the Four Horsemen – in fact I’m gonna be riding one of those horses just so I can see the faces of publishers, agents, society of authors and all those rat-dog mutants who all thought they were something – back in the day.

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