I Am Shocked And Disgusted

NYC’s Narrowest House Returns to Market Asking $4.3 Million

OK, Class. Why is this the dumbest renovation of the 21st century?

All you need is that photo.



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6 responses to “I Am Shocked And Disgusted

  1. Marcos

    What are all those shelves for? Books?

  2. Keishon

    As a digital only reader, I wouldn’t mind the bookshelves for my autographed hardcovers especially. I’m a collector of stuff I *like* and plan to never part with for money.

    • mikecane

      Those shelves are a total waste of space for me. And anyone paying a ridiculous $4.3M for that probably hasn’t read a single book that would be displayed on those vanity shelves.

  3. They could be used for tchotchke’s or kitsch crap…they don’t have to be used for books at all…although I personally think that paying that much for anything is silly.

    • mikecane

      Oh god. If you knew how few such things I owned, you’d probably be appalled. I’m not into stuff as decorations. And whenever I see someone else’s place stuffed with that, I instantly think: “Oh my god, all that dusting!”

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