Reminder: Get the dotEPUB Extension!

I was astounded to trip across a blog post today where the writer didn’t know about this nifty extension.

It will take just about any post and convert it to an ePub file that you can save to your hard drive and then read offline or even drop into an eBook device (other than a Kindle) to carry around to read.


I’ve used this with Opera, Chrome, and Firefox (I suppose it will work with Safari too, but I haven’t tried).

They recently added image capture too. But with a catch. If there are more than ten images or the images are rather large, it will state only the text can be saved.

There is something like this — either an extension or even a website — to capture posts to a Kindle, but I haven’t paid attention to it and don’t even have an URL. If you do, drop it in the Comments.


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