The Real Writer’s Song

This is my craptastic MP3 player:

It has three things going for it:

1) It cost me $30 when I bought it back in 2006
2) It runs on one AAA battery
3) Storage is supplied by an SD Card

I don’t listen to music during the day. It’s too distracting. When I want to listen to music, all I want to do is listen to the music.

Now that the weather has begun to get warm again, I’ve pulled this out to use while I’m out and about. Paired with a set of earbuds that cost me probably $2-3 — and which were made by a third-party for an iPod (they are white) — it puts out good enough sound and good enough volume.

My storage has remained a 128MB SD Card. That constrains the number of songs I can carry. There’s a reason for this. The jWin’s UI sucks. The center nub must be toggled right or left to move through the list of songs. There’s no skipping, there’s no hopping around. It’s a serial move through a flat list. Having a lot of songs would involve a lot of effort if I wanted to jump from a song near the top to one further down the list.

So, I carry a limited number of songs.

There are a number of songs that are always on my card, no matter what other songs I swap out for my mood or for a change. Perma-songs are some from OttO Vector, Morrissey/The Smiths, Coolio’s Gangster Paradise (STFU!), and one by Creaky Boards.

It’s called The Songs I Didn’t Write. This is a song I think every real writer can deeply relate to.



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3 responses to “The Real Writer’s Song

  1. It’s great you are still using that machine. If it works, why change it? This is the machine I use:

    The reason I use the Sony Walkman player is it has a very good bass boost – I like a LOT of bass. iPods are rat dogs with no bass at all, doom out machines.

    I run the Sony Walkman through a 100 watt bass amp too (with treble horns)! And use these headphones:

    They beat the earbuds for bass. Probably better still – and a lot more expensive – would be those Dr. Dre headphones. They’d cancel out external noise.

    • mikecane

      I’ve never been an audiophile, so your setup is just overkill for me. I did run my crappy MP3 player through these crappy $10 speakers I recently bought. Wow, the speakers *are* crap and only good for Internet sound. The $2-3 earbuds I have kick their ass for the entire range of sound.

      • It’s all old gear cobbled together – from my days playing in bands. The old amp would have little resale value. The set up looks crusty and ramshackle, but the sound really is stunning. The only new thing is the Sony Walkman and the headphones, and I picked the headphones up for about $15 your money.

        The bottom line is you can’t get a good sound out of those iPods! Not if you like bass, anyway – my preference for bass is probably down to liking old 60s soul, 70s funk, hip-hop, blues, all that.

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