Borders Modifies Kobo Agreement

Borders Expands Partnership with Kobo

Under the expanded Borders-Kobo agreement, beginning June 1, both the Borders eBook store and Borders eReading app will be branded Kobo, providing Borders customers with more e-content selections than ever before, including newly available access to newspapers and magazines. Customers can download the content via, and the Kobo apps, which will be regularly updated and enhanced to provide a superb eReading and content purchasing experience.

Apparently the Borders name has become poison in the eBook space, with people fearing they will lose their books if Borders drops dead. So, this is smart of them. It will reassure people. It will also be interesting to see how my Borders eBooks are migrated over to my Kobo account.

What they must do: Now sell Kobo Gift Cards. No one will touch a Borders Gift Card for eBooks these days.


Under the arrangement, Borders will also share in the profits of all Kobo e-content sales on devices sold at all retailers in the U.S., enabling the company to capture a larger share of the eBook market without investing additional significant capital in its digital initiative.

That was actually the second paragraph of the press release.

Bad form, showing that level of desperation. But if it gets the print publishers on your side, so be it. I’d rather not see Borders drop dead.

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One response to “Borders Modifies Kobo Agreement

  1. CSI:Borders

    Could not agree with you more. Borders is dying slowly on the vine.

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