Kobo Plans To Market To Its Readers Via Devices And Software

Kobo launches touchscreen e-reader, expands marketing strategy

When Kobo launched Reading Life, the company also began a program of offering users rewards for reading. Kobo users could earn badges and rewards for reading at a certain time of day or completing a certain number of books.

The program launched with Kobo-specific rewards — such as digital coupons for free books — but with the launch of the new Kobo eReader Touch Edition, the company is expanding its “rewards for awards” program to third party companies who want to market to heavy readers. For example, readers who use their Kobo device to read from a coffee shop could earn a free coffee at that location.

Mr. Serbinis said he expects third parties to begin marketing to Kobo users through the program around the same time as the new devices launch.

My first impulse is that someone needs a beating. But I will wait and see how this all works out. Kobo has so far been a pretty classy company.

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