New Kobo Reader Is All-Touch

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According to Nate at The Digital Reader, Kobo couldn’t keep its own yap shut and broke its own embargo!

Nate has another picture at his site. The one above I swiped from Kobo’s yfrog.

Update: Second image after the break.

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At face value, this looks great.

What I need to know:

1) Can it bookmark now?
2) Can it do notes?
3) Is WiFi included? [Update: Yes. DUH!]
4) Is there a web browser?
5) Plans for apps?

If Borders will get off its ass, this can give them some slim fighting chance — if there’s still a market for eInk devices past the Kindle.

Update 2: Kobo Touch first impressions

Update 3: Kobo unbuttons for $129 eReader Touch Edition, we go hands-on (video)

Update 4: Nate says it’s slow and I see what he meant in the Engadget video with an eBook being opened. Page switching itself is fast but I counted a near five-second delay in opening a book. I’m wondering if Kobo is still using its SQL database scheme for its eBooks. That would account for that delay. But look at the PDF handling in that Engadget video. That is freaking fast fast fast. Kobo is an international company and I expect this new device to do very, very well for them, especially outside the U.S..

Update 5: I see it’s been rebranded as “Kobo eReader” and is no longer “Kobo Reader.” Sony has the trademark on “Reader.” But Barnes & Noble — via its acquisition of Fictionwise — owns the trademark on “eReader.” Hmmm. Never mind that. Brain fart. Apparently I’m the only person in the universe who has thought it was “Kobo Reader.” It’s always been “Kobo eReader.”


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7 responses to “New Kobo Reader Is All-Touch

  1. Timothy Wilhoit

    B&N is having a $99 sale of their current (Wi-Fi only) e-ink reader on eBay. Since these are new, not refurbed, that removes any lingering doubts about whether their new reader will be e-ink. Assuming Nook 2 is not also a slow POS, Kobo may have a difficult time getting any traction with this new model.

    • mikecane

      You are forgetting that unlike B&N, Kobo is international. This new device will do very, very well for them. I’m glad to see them step up like this with something totally unexpected.

      • Timothy Wilhoit

        I just saw the Engadget video that you mentioned on Nate’s blog. It was fairly impressive…not bad at all. There was no mention of Wi-Fi so I assume it doesn’t have that capability. I could be wrong. :)

      • mikecane

        I think it has WiFi. On the front is a cloud icon with a sync icon inside of it. That tells me it will sync bookmarks and highlights and notes (if it can do bookmarks and notes) and I can’t see that taking place only with a cable.

      • Timothy Wilhoit

        Well, that tears it. I hate to refer to something as a (random device) killer…but you’re right. This gadget is going to finish destroying Sony. The cheapest device they have with any kind of wireless ability is $300!

  2. It has Wifi. I think I said so.

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