Stop! The! Damn! Botox!

The TV was on. It was on Oprah. Shut up.

And there I saw Oprah, Tom Hanks, and Madonna — and if you held a gun to their heads and told them to raise and lower their eyebrows or they’d get a bullet through their skulls, you’d be forced to shoot them.

What the hell are you people on TV and in movies doing to yourselves?

Don’t you realize how unreal you look? You don’t look young. You look like mutants! You look inhuman.

Do you really think people can’t tell? Do you really think you’re going to be cast in anything when you can’t move your face to express emotions?

Last year, an actress I hadn’t seen in a long time guest-starred on Castle. It was an actress I liked, too. I didn’t recognize her. It was weeks later that I saw her name as being in a recent episode. I went back to look at the episode. Her face was a tragedy. Nothing moved! And she had to express grief and anger and regret — and she couldn’t do any of that with her face. Whatever acting talent she had was smothered by her frozen facial muscles.

Stop this madness. Just stop it!


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5 responses to “Stop! The! Damn! Botox!

  1. I’ve been told quite a few times throughout the years that I look like Nicole Kidman. It was a compliment.

    I don’t look like her anymore. THANK HEAVENS.

    • mikecane

      Dynamic vs static RAM. Same thing with their faces!

      • Have you SEEN what she’s done to her face? O.M.G.

        She went all Michael Jackson on her nose! There was NOTHING WRONG with her nose!

        Dammit, you got me started…

      • mikecane

        I haven’t seen her face lately, nor will I Google it. And there was absolutely nothing wrong with the nose she had (which might or might not have been her original).

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