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Twitter: Still Unfocused And Flailing

Twitter acquires TweetDeck

This is like some guy who hires a skanky ho for sex while he’s married to a gorgeous beauty, like, say, Elizabeth Hurley.

Oh wait. That actually happened in real life.

Too bad. It’s still the same damn thing.

You still don’t know what the hell you’ve got, Twitter.

Will you ever?

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Hey Print Publishing, Even Your Best Friends Think You’re Stupid Too

Amazon’s Kirshbaum move could reduce competition—BEA

Perhaps the Amazon news was not far from the minds of the publishing executives who participated in an IDPF roundtable. One attendee posed the following question from the floor: “Of the big five publishers [the questioner forgot there are actually six], how many will be around four years from now?”

Sourcebooks’ Dominique Raccah predicted, “We will lose 50% of publishers.” For Bloomsbury’s Evan Schnittman, they are already “all just part of each other”.

Reading comprehension skills — as evidenced by Saturday’s worldwide fiasco — are in the sewer.

So let me parse that quote for all of you so you understand the fundamentals of it.

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