That Whole RSS Thing

There are annoyances:

1) My PC is such crap that when the Live Bookmarks alerts pops up, everything slows down.

2) The Live Bookmarks alerts tend to pop up when I want to do something.

3) 98% of what is published are things I’m just not interested in.

4) Crap, what an echo chamber out there! The same story on ten sites?!

5) Sometimes I scream STFU!!!! at the PC when the Live Bookmarks alerts happen.

Things could be worse.

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2 responses to “That Whole RSS Thing

  1. I’m probably following in your footsteps – Live Bookmarks and Live Click. Find both very good. But I have Live Click set to “Do Nothing” so no alerts. I just skim through the Live Bookmarks when I feel like it. The advantage of Live Click is you get previews when you hover.

    I like the simplicity over other RSS readers.

    • mikecane

      I get previews as is when I hover. They’re just text, but they’ll do. I was thinking of turning off the pop-up but decided not to.

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