American Idol? Rebecca Black!

Lady GaGa/Amazon

What’s the biggest hit of the year? Come on, it’s EASY!

Rebecca Black’s “Friday”. Despite no radio airplay, she got over a hundred million YouTube views and EVERYBODY know who she is. More people know who Rebecca Black is than Rihanna.

That’s 149,246,721 views as of post writing time, with 408,663 likes, 2,923,644 dislikes.

The dislikes are overruled.

And what is a “Rihanna”?


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6 responses to “American Idol? Rebecca Black!

  1. It’s great. She blown everyone off the stage – using the web. Respect to her. Her next move? I recommend she duet with these boys:

  2. Ha, ha! Dave Wyndorf, the Monster’s singer and guitarist, is a great, great lyric writer.

  3. Keishon

    And what is a “Rihanna”?

    She’s an R&B singer.

  4. Keishon

    You asked, I answered. LMAO.

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