Dial 911: Time Warner Exec Is Delusional

Upload DVDs To Flixster? That’s Time Warner’s ‘Very Big Idea,’ Exec Says

CFO John Martin told an investor conference sponsored by Barclays Capital:

Consumers will be able to “upload your existing physical DVDs, have the ability access them across multiple devices anywhere you want, have the ability to manage your collections with social aspects as well, go in, have friends see what movie collections they have, (and) see who has been watching those films,” he says.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Oh! My! God!

What freakin world does he live in where multi-gigabyte uploads can be accomplished so easily and so quickly? Hasn’t he ever used his own damn Roadrunner service?!

It’d be quicker to ask people to come and drop off their damn DVDs when paying their bleed-them-dry cable bills!


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One response to “Dial 911: Time Warner Exec Is Delusional

  1. La Gringa

    This made me laugh so damned hard I nearly crapped. It took me an hour to load a one minute video to Youtube yesterday using Time Warner cable. LOL!

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