Google eBookstore: A Flop

@BEA: Is Google eBooks Planning A Rental Service?

Why has Google walked away from the Google eBookstore?

Why should anyone be surprised?

Google is where Sony was at with eBooks at the beginning. This means there are no freebies unless you have an account with a credit card linked to it.

Google claims this is due to territorial rights. That’s utter bullshit. I can get freebies from Kindle Store, Sony, Borders, and Kobo without any credit card linked to my account. The only major player that requires a credit card is Barnes & Noble, which demands it for its mutant DRM.

Sony smartened up — with me screaming at them (I’m sure others did too — or at least they got scared shitless by Amazon and finally woke up) — and changed.

Google change? I don’t think so.

Anyone out there ever get a marketing email from Google eBookstore? I never have. I sure get them from Borders, Kobo, and Sony. Even from Books on Board — and I don’t even have an account there!

I haven’t mentioned Google eBookstore since the beginning. Why bother? I keep forgetting it exists and I think most people do too. It seems that even Google itself now wants to forget it exists.


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