I Have Google Music Beta

Ironic, right after this post, I checked my Gmail and there was the invite.

Click = big

I skipped the step to download the software to upload my music.

I just wanted to try it out.

Hey, they give you some free music! I went straight to tormenting myself:

Click = big

Oh my god. Excuse me while I enter the TARDIS and return to my teenaged years to slap myself for listening to that — and buying it.

Ouch. That hurt!

The UI seems clean. Most of the music I have no idea about. Named artists I know, most of the free cuts are one I never heard of before.

I’m not sure I’ll be using this at all. I have this.


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One response to “I Have Google Music Beta

  1. Timothy Wilhoit

    Be careful about interacting with your past self…you could rip a hole in the universe! ^_^

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