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21st Century Telephone Life


And when you answer the phone you have to go through a little interrogation. “What’s going on?” I have no answer to that. You just interrupted my walk in the park, my coffee, my game of online chess, my writing, my reading, my time with my kids, my time with Claudia, my trading, I was about to brush my teeth, I was listening to the sounds outside and doing nothing, I was watching “The Office” – the episode where they were interviewing Warren Buffett to replace Michael Scott. I was watching it on my phone.

He makes me feel old.

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A Badass Cover For A Badass Writer

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Anthony Neil Smith‘s Hogdoggin’ is coming to e on June 6th!

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Does TinEye Work At All?

TinEye purports to be a website that will do a reverse-image lookup. Feed it an image or the URL of an image, and it claims it will find the places where that image has been used.

I learned about it from this article.

Given the sharing that happened yesterday — scroll down in my post here — I decided to see if TinEye would uncover that use and perhaps others.

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Why The Kindle Can’t Be US$99

That’s why. Right there.

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Publishers Submitting ePub To Amazon: It’s A Trap!

People laughed at this post: How Amazon Could Switch Over ePub Book Buyers

I still think I’m going to have the last laugh.

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Amazon Will Do Another Kindle

I’ve had it all wrong.

The Amazon tablet coming will not replace the Kindle.

The tablets are a new, separate business. Sure, they’ll have Kindle software on them, but that won’t prevent people from installing Kobo, Nook, Aldiko, Bluefire Reader, or even — should Apple shock everyone — iBooks.

The tablets will be just that: Android tablets. A new business.

There will be another Kindle.

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