The Ninety-Nine Cents Of Doom

Dirt-Cheap E-Readers: How Low Can They Go?

“We’ll see $99 e-readers from the major players by the holidays, if not sooner,” Mainelli said.

Weiner concurs on the $99 price-point: “Definitely by the holiday shopping season,” he says. In a recent blog post on the e-reader market, the Gartner analyst predicted that prices will fall even lower.

“Two things make sense: one is that the price drops to around the $50 mark and is marketed to those whose only aim is to read trade fiction and the like (perhaps an older demographic). Second, is (e-readers) are given away by book publishers to customers who sign up for book clubs that carry a monthly purchase commitment,” Weiner writes.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Just go read this: Would A US$50 eBook Reader Be A Disaster?

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