Another Paper Fetishist Assimilated

A Book Lover Switches To The Kindle

It doesn’t require a bookshelf. Having moved about once a year in the last four years, I find my large book and especially DVD collection a burden.

Previously at Mike Cane 2008:

The Horror Of Paper Books


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2 responses to “Another Paper Fetishist Assimilated

  1. Last time we moved there were endless boxes of books. So it’s a good point… It’s about time I bought one o’ those Kindles…

    ….But shouldn’t the e-reader hardware be free? After all, with print books, you didn’t need a player. No one charged you for the cover did they?

    Records, yeah, you needed a player, cassettes, you needed a player, CDs you needed a player, MP3s you need a player.

    But we aren’t used to needing a player for books.

    Won’t the whole e-book thing fizzle out?

    …Or am I just playing Devil’s Advocate here? ;-)

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