Writing Technology Of 1920

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2 responses to “Writing Technology Of 1920

  1. Old Fred Dey must have been the man back in da day! Otherwise the firm wouldn’t have been using him for product endorsement. And Dey aside, I had no idea there were once typewriters than did bold and italic!

    I can’t remember much about typewriters. I recall you could underline. I only came to them in the 80s. Mostly I was programming drum machines then for backbeats for the live shows we were doing, and for records. I first got into print about 1991 or so – in music magazines – and it was using a typewriter.

    But with the machine Dey was using you’d have been well away.

    • mikecane

      I thought changing typefaces was possible only when they went to “golf ball”-style machines in the 1970s!

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