Strange New Bible Translation

The Chronicle Project claims it has discovered a structure in the Old Testament that uses a scheme called Self-Defining Hebrew.

The hebrew language, was originally believed to have been a combination of other older languages, which evolved into the hebrew dialect.

The breakthrough in our understanding began with the concept that rather than an evolved language, it might be exactly as it described itself, the language of God.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Well, OK. But that does tie in with the Bible stating God will give people a new language upon His return.


Each letter of the hebrew language, was not a letter after all, but rather a symbol for a word, just as the Egyptians have (see hebrew glyph table) But, with a stunning difference. The complete language was formed using only 22 glyphs, which by simple combination, could create any idea that one wished to convey.

Of particular interest is their new translation [PDF link] of the Ten Commandments, which become almost nothing like what we’ve become familiar with.

For example, gone is the injunction against committing adultery.

What that Commandment really means, they say, is this:

Do not proceed to break authority vows

And then there is this Commandment:

Do not proceed to abandon those who need your support

I’ve looked at several of the PDFs there. The English renditions are very confusing, with syntax that is backwards and inside-out.

This is not for the easily-frustrated.

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  1. stephanie

    Hey mike, a complete update of the materials with the latest findings (and easier to read) has been uploaded to the mirror site of the chronicle project.

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