Four Years To The Day: Asus Announces Son Of Foleo

It was May 30, 2007 when an out-of-touch innovator named Jeff Hawkins unleashed his latest creation upon the world.

It was called the Foleo and was billed as the “first smartphone companion.”

It was a PDA tarted-up in a netbook form factor that — and here’s the Hawkins being out-of-touch bit — couldn’t handle YouTube video playback!

Here’s two of the marketing images for it:

Following that same exact impulse, Asus today unleashed something even worse than the Foleo: The Padfone.

Unlike the Foleo, it does not link to a smartphone wirelessly. No. You must open a hatch and shove the thing inside of a tablet!

Like a shark opening its maw to eat a fish. And then, when your tableteering session is over, you must open the hatch and wrestle to disgorge your phone from the shark’s bowels.

Here is what the real-world usage will be like:

User: Oh, let me show you this photo I took. Let me pull my phone out of my shirt pocket.

Hot Girl: OK…

User: Ah, look at this!

Hot Girl: Um, that screen’s too small to see much.

User: Wait. Let me pull this tablet out of my manbag.

Hot Girl: OK. While you’re doing that, can I use your phone to make a call?

User: Um…. no.

Hot Girl: Why not?

User: Wait. I’m still pulling the tablet out of my manbag.

Hot Girl: ….

User: OK, now watch this. Give me the phone.

Hot Girl: Why can’t I make a call?

User: Wait. Just let me have the phone.

Hot Girl: I’ll only be a minute. Let me use the phone.

User: But I want to show you that photo.

Hot Girl: Fine, you use that iPad to show me while I make a quick call.

User: Wait. That’s not how this works.

Hot Girl: OK, here’s your damn phone.

User: OK, now watch this. [clumsily shoves phone in tablet]

Hot Girl: Wait. That’s not an iPad? It’s just a big screen for the phone?

User: Yep.

Hot Girl: You’re such a loser.

Yeah, that’ll work out. Not!

While I have a great deal of respect for Asus, my advice to them is not to commit to a large run on this product.

And what’s irony +1 about this?

It was Asus’ announcement of its netbook that killed the Foleo!


ASUS announces the Padfone (update: eyes-on!)
ASUS targets Christmas for Padfone launch, hints at Ice Cream Sandwich (video hands-on)


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4 responses to “Four Years To The Day: Asus Announces Son Of Foleo

  1. bob

    What a dumb scenario. I feel dumber just reading it.

    • mikecane

      That’s how real life works, pal. It’s not sterile and demoed like at a trade show. Now go be dumber elsewhere.

  2. Some wag

    Google had the forget-history audacity to buy out the IP of a firm using piggyback modules/phones:

    and some wag calling himself SeldomVisitor had a similar idea in 2003, well before the Foleo:

    • mikecane

      Someone had it before SV too, in the old Steve Busch PDA site whose title escapes me now.

      EDIT: I had to dredge Google. Brighthand, it was.

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