No PDF Reflow In New Kobo eReader Touch

Not that PDF reflow actually works well, but still. People expect certain things.

I guess instead of fielding complaints about reflow not working on non-reflowable PDFs, Kobo will field complaints about the lack of PDF reflow. They can’t win.


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2 responses to “No PDF Reflow In New Kobo eReader Touch

  1. Billy

    Apparently Kobo don’t know how to do it. Not impressed by the company. Bunch of dimwits. I feel like reverse engineering the software and doing it myself.

  2. Prakash bapat

    Its a pleasure to read with higher size fonts especially for old age readers after 40 yrs of age
    U can comfortably read without spects
    That is the reason many religious books in india are specially printed in karge fonts for old age people
    Today reading habits are rare but the elders still hold on to their old habits of reading
    I have a Kobo greater but thinking of buying a kindle just because kindle has text reflow that helps u to have a desirable font size
    Kobo gives this facility but to limited extent some old books with v small fonts posendifficulty in reading
    Hope Kobo will bring new models with this facility

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