Only An Idiot Would Buy Advertising On Twitter

Click = big

Go on:

1) Go to Search Twitter
2) Use that search term
3) Keep the tab open
4) Watch the false results pour in — there never were 64 more results. Do the search and see how many you get.

I was trying to see how miserable an experience Twitter referrals are again by pimping this post today.

Within a half hour, I had a readership stat that showed only one-third of the hits attributed to Twitter.

I think all the hits came from Twitter — but without being able to see that, what advertiser will be stupid enough to spend money there?

How will Twitter sell that to potential clients? “Oh, by the way, you won’t be able to measure all the traffic that originates from us.”

Who’s going to go for that?

And it wasn’t just me. Someone else ran that search and got false updates too:

Click = big

Also: Despite my number of Followers (which is a bullshit number anyway, so don’t flaunt yours at me), the post has garnered only about five percent of that number. And that’s with all those RTs you see in search!

Yeah, go ahead, throw your ad bucks into that sinkhole.

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2 responses to “Only An Idiot Would Buy Advertising On Twitter

  1. Just for fun, I checked Twitter’s Help Center and ran a Google search for this bug with bogus search updates. Both came up empty. Maybe no one else noticed?

    The list of Known Issues on the Help Center page is troubling though, especially since many of them have been known for months (years?).

    • mikecane

      After I closed the tab and went back and did the search again after my post, I no longer got false updates. Frikkin bizarre. But more proof Twitter is is totally unreliable and untrustworthy. This isn’t the first time this has happened, either. It’s just the first time I’ve posted about it.

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