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Is It #Doom #WASF Yet?

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No. Wall Street has been manipulated all along by The Fed. The Fed has saved its ass just about weekly. The Fed has also manipulated oil prices and manipulated commodity prices. And Wall Street knows all of this. They’ve asked for, aided, and abetted all of it.

They’ve acted in concert with The Fed and now this is their wailing to unleash the dogs of QEIII and damn the hyperdevaluation torpedoes. Because of their acting in concert, rigging everything left and right, the inevitable end has been postponed longer than I expected — and far longer than any real free market would have allowed.

I’ve followed this since 2008. On January 1st, 2008, I said we were doomed. So I know when you should be absolutely scared shitless because I’ve put a hell of a lot of thought into this.

It’s when Apple announces sales actually went down for all of its products for one quarter. And then for a second quarter.

That is when you know we are in Doom We Are So Fucked land.

Until then, bumps but no crash.

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Flip Camera Creator Gets Idea From Vanity Fair

Flip creator gets into the grilled cheese business, Sequoia invests

Oh my god. It’s an untapped market that no one else has ever done!

Oh. Wait.

New York’s Sordid Underground Grilled Cheese Sandwich–Trade

Am I the only one to remember that Vanity Fair article?


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Twitter Will Never Remove Its Head From Its Ass

All this hype today about new Twitter search and crap. I focused on the Firefox Add On for Twitter. Installed it. Found it to be worthless, really.

And when I tried to tweet that I thought it was crap, what happened?

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Countdown To Sony Being Stupid And Busting Me

Sony Removes its ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ Trailer From the Web

Before it was removed, though, that particular YouTube posting had been viewed more than 1.4 million times as of noon PDT on Tuesday.

So, the video I embedded in this post is now gone.

Note that I didn’t upload it to YouTube. I found out about it from everyone talking about it on the Internet.

Isn’t that the damn purpose of a movie trailer?

Since Sony clearly can’t see the value of fan-driven word-of-mouth, I expect them to make my other post disappear: Shot By Shot: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Red Band Trailer.

Because, you know, crappy lo-res snaps helping to spread the word for free about their major 2011 movie will threaten all of Sony’s income!

I’m making this a sticky so we can all play this game at home. This sticky is posted June 1st, let’s see how long that post stays up.

Update June 5, 2011: I’ve unstuck this post from the front page. Unless Sony is planning a full-blown lawsuit — doubtful — they would have DMCAed WordPress by now. It didn’t take that long for them to do that with YouTube.

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DC Comics: Reboot Places Them At Apple’s Mercy

The news was all over the Internet yesterday. DC is revamping most of their comics and wiping their numbering slate clean, starting most of their books with an “Issue #1” stamp.

This is the best post I’ve seen about why:

DC Comics Number One Stunna: The Ballsiest Move of the Decade

Make no mistake, this entire endeavor is focused on the digital market. DC isn’t dumb. They know print is dying. They know they have no chance at beating Marvel in the print market, as years and years of examples have proven. Rejuvenating the characters (literally) and providing a fresh start all across the line isn’t about a quick sales bump in the direct market; it isn’t about the direct market at all. It’s so that people logging into comiXology to check out these digital DC comics they’ve heard about don’t see an issue number in the 900s after Action Comics and throw up their hands.

Emphasis in the original.

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How A Steve Jobs Blind Spot Is Costing Apple Tens Of Billions Of Dollars

Apple’s Twitter

[I]n short, the hardest, most expensive technical part of building a web-scale Twitter competitor already exists in Apple’s infrastructure. What’s missing, in an odd reversal of Apple’s usual pattern, is a well-designed, simple user experience that makes people want to participate.

Why hasn’t this happened?

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There Are Days I Want To Kiss All Of France

In a Comment at this post, there is this sentence from a Frenchman:

To my mind, every time someone’s not free to enter a market, it’s against human rights.

That is the kind of thinking that France creates. Right there.

Liberty, equality, brotherhood.

Long live France!


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Pottersville America

America’s Creeping Police State

Considering the level of brutality we have been dishing out around the world, from the “war on drugs” to the “war on terror,” the erosion of our civil liberties is sadly inevitable. Did we really think that we could wage war and occupy other nations with checkpoints, invasive surveillance, and brutal violence without these same policing tactics spreading to our country?

After sending hundreds of thousands of soldiers abroad to terrorize people in their homes around the world, we shouldn’t be surprised that our government would eventually employ the same actions against its own citizens.

Who the fuck are they protecting us from — when they’re the ones we need protection from?

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Greedy Humans And Idiot Machines

Using my YahooMail account, I sent a press inquiry to a company and within seconds it was bounced. Part of the rejection notice was this:

Your IP address is blacklisted using SPAMCOP.

So I went and looked at the SPAMCOP link.

Because YahooMail has been infiltrated by goddam spammers, legit users like me shouldn’t be able to send emails?

What’s hilarious is this page at Project Honeypot. They don’t even know where the mailserver is located.

Yo! Here’s a map, you stupid machine!

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