Is It #Doom #WASF Yet?

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No. Wall Street has been manipulated all along by The Fed. The Fed has saved its ass just about weekly. The Fed has also manipulated oil prices and manipulated commodity prices. And Wall Street knows all of this. They’ve asked for, aided, and abetted all of it.

They’ve acted in concert with The Fed and now this is their wailing to unleash the dogs of QEIII and damn the hyperdevaluation torpedoes. Because of their acting in concert, rigging everything left and right, the inevitable end has been postponed longer than I expected — and far longer than any real free market would have allowed.

I’ve followed this since 2008. On January 1st, 2008, I said we were doomed. So I know when you should be absolutely scared shitless because I’ve put a hell of a lot of thought into this.

It’s when Apple announces sales actually went down for all of its products for one quarter. And then for a second quarter.

That is when you know we are in Doom We Are So Fucked land.

Until then, bumps but no crash.

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