Barnes & Noble: Personally Frustrating

It was really, really, really stupid of them to break the universality of Adobe DRM. They could have had me in their eBook camp, but they’ve lost me to the Kindle. As a native New Yorker who has used B&N for years, this is personally frustrating.

I still have to give them credit for their thoughtful attention to detail with videos such as this one:


nookBN YouTube channel


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4 responses to “Barnes & Noble: Personally Frustrating

  1. Timothy Wilhoit

    I’m glad to see they kept those HUGE margins on the text. I enjoy turning pages needlessly. Why do they have an off button on the cover? With their plutonium polymer battery, I didn’t think it needed charging for months (or years, I forget).

    • mikecane

      The margins are adjustable. Don’t get so excited. I’m not hostile to B&N other than over their damn DRM.

      • Timothy Wilhoit

        Excited? Not at all. Well, if they’re adjustable , they seem to always be adjusted rather wide on videos. The DRM is a problem. I’m sure it’s cost them a lot of sales. There are quite a few Nook readers who buy books from other vendors to avoid being locked in. Sadly, there are probably a lot of their customers who don’t realize the incompatibility.

      • mikecane

        It has the same options as NookColor. The margins can be greatly widened. What you’re likely seeing are eBooks using the publisher default margins, which haven’t been overridden (there’s an option for that).

        EDIT: See this new B&N video for display controls.

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