Smells Like Nokia Death Spiral To Me

When the iPhone was introduced, I said that Nokia’s death spiral had begun.

Apple is gonna kick Nokia’s smug and incompetent asses. Welcome to the tar pit, baby! Join the rest of the fossils, Nokia! Your death spiral began January 2007. Good riddance!

People laughed and laughed and laughed at me. All the around the world.

I do not like being the target of laughter from fucking morons.

And now this…

Stephen Elop’s Nokia Adventure

In the last four years, Nokia has shed 75 percent of its market value

Gee, does that finally sound like a death spiral?

As for the new Windows Phone announcement, do you know what Windows Phone is right now?

Nothing but noise.

There are only two big sounds: Apple and Android.

Everyone is still waiting for webOS to graduate into the league of sound. The Veer? Next! It’s the HP TouchPad and Pre 3 that matter. Actually, it’s only the HP TouchPad that matters.

Windows Phone is below webOS.

Nokia’s death spiral continues.

Previously here:

Ignore Me At Your Peril

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