Three Simple And Effective Book Covers

This is a companion post to: Overthinking A Book Cover: Disaster!.

Remember this cover from the prior post?

Here are two in the same vein:

Both eschew color, giving them a starkness that emphasizes their titles.

And look at this one:

Just two elements connected by some expert Photoshopping.

As simple as all three are, they’re the reasons why you pay for a cover designer.

Only experts can make things look simple.

Amateurs only think they’re simple.


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6 responses to “Three Simple And Effective Book Covers

  1. Wow, thanks! The MAGDALENE cover is actually 4 elements: ladle, rose, fire, smoke. Plus some hand-drawn details… Maybe I’m just proving your point.

    Still, thanks!

  2. I designed the cover of Waiting For Spring myself. But thanks for the shout out!

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