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Socialtech: Flash Mobs

I don’t know how long this has been running because I don’t watch much TV, but I just bumped into this during a show and it made me laugh:

Maybe that’s what Apple fears “social” will lead to?

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What To Do If Amazon Loses Your Wish Lists And Kindle Books

I never log out of Amazon.

Because several times a day I come across books I need to look up and invariably add them to one of several Wish Lists.

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The Oldest Spoiler Ever

Dear god! I had no idea Kirk was ever killed.

No, really. I had to go to Wikipedia to see when that movie came out. 1994!! Some things have been in my backlog pile for seventeen years?!


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R.I.P. Jack Kevorkian

Assisted suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian dies

Kevorkian was convicted in 1999 of second-degree murder and served eight years of prison time.

He admitted being present at about 130 suicides and his hectoring defiance of established laws and protocols forced reexamination of personal freedoms in medical treatments and end-of-life decisions.


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Amazon Kindle Wins Again: Gets Readability

Introducing Kindle Support for Readability

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Double-Slit Photons

Quantum physics first: Researchers observe single photons in two-slit interferometer experiment

That sounds like it’s really more math and not a physical observation. The paper’s own title is “Observing the Average Trajectories of Single Photons in a Two-Slit Interferometer.”

My question has always been:

If it was possible to shoot one photon at a time through the twin slits, would the photons consistently land at the same spots over and over again? I keep wondering if it’s deterministic. The interference pattern is always the same, isn’t it? So why not the placement of each photon to create it? Kind of like setting up a chess board: each photon has its place.

All the books I’ve read — and they’ve all been for non-physicists like me, the general public — have never addressed that question.

Update: My question has been answered!

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People Now Need To Be Told Where Links Are

This is a seriously disturbing thing and I hope it’s not a trend.

I was reading a post and saw this:

Red highlighting added by me.

And it went on like that throughout the post.

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