Amazon Kindle Wins Again: Gets Readability

Introducing Kindle Support for Readability

This is what happened after installing the Firefox Add-On:

Click = big

Of course, I don’t have a Kindle …

Click = big

That will likely happen in August, when the new all-touchy Kindle is available in brick and mortar stores. Unless Amazon makes it too fugly for me to ever want to buy.

I’ve been using the dotEPUB button. I’ll probably stop after having a Kindle.

With Readability now for Kindle, Kobo and Barnes & Noble need to ratchet it up some more.


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2 responses to “Amazon Kindle Wins Again: Gets Readability

  1. Timothy Wilhoit

    Thanks for the info, Mike. I transferred the blog entry to my my K3 wirelessly. The pictures “click=big” were clickable and your hyperlinks worked just fine. By the way, the hyperlinks were just underlined text…but that works very well for me. Sadly, any videos don’t work on e-ink. I just get a black box. I think this is something that I will actually use. ^_^

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