What To Do If Amazon Loses Your Wish Lists And Kindle Books

I never log out of Amazon.

Because several times a day I come across books I need to look up and invariably add them to one of several Wish Lists.

That happened today. I have the Amazon Wish List Add On for Firefox installed and used it.

And it showed no lists.

I added the book anyway, thinking it was a bug with the extension. And moments later got an email from Amazon congratulating me on creating my first Wish List.

Um, what?

I went into my account. And there was just that new Wish List with the book I had added. Then I looked at my Kindle book orders. And there were none.

I nearly ruined my pants in worry. I have a ton of things in Wish Lists and have a ton of downloaded Kindle Books and Samples.

The thought of losing all that …

This has happened to other people too. See here and here and here.

That last forum thread provided a clue.

Several weeks ago, upgrading Opera (which I was using at the time), I was logged out of Amazon. And I’d forgotten my password. Since Opera wasn’t playing nice with Amazon, I had to get in contact with Amazon by phone.

And they told me I had two accounts!

I might have created one of them well before Amazon put out the Kindle and just forgot about it.

Well, they reset my password on the newest account and all was well.

Until today, when everything disappeared.

Despite never logging out of Amazon, I wound up in that older account, auto-evilly.

Amazon Support said this would require phone contact like last time.

And, like last time, it turned out to be the second account thing again.

They reset my password on my recent account and everything is back.

So, if you wind up losing your Wish List and Kindle books, don’t hesitate and worry — just call Amazon!


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3 responses to “What To Do If Amazon Loses Your Wish Lists And Kindle Books

  1. Ashlee

    This helped me when the same thing happened to me! I just changed the email that was associated with my other (non-used) account so it wouldn’t happen again, and then logged in regularly to my used account. Thank you!

  2. Lkoczara

    Can’t find my wishlist I have.were did it go

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