Gas Drops In Price!

Photo taken today, Saturday June 4, 2011:

Gas hasn’t changed since my last photo on May 7, 2011, when it was $4.43.

Today, a shocker!

Paying by plastic at the pump is $4.45.


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6 responses to “Gas Drops In Price!

  1. richfinck

    Three dollars, four dollars? What I do know is these oil companies and speculators are robbing me blind when I fill the truck. It’s been a long time since refueling cost me less than thirty, forty dollars. In central PA I noticed this morning gas was three seventy one at the local convenience store. Double dip recession here we come.

  2. Keishon

    Commenting just to boast that it is $3.55 over here. Been like that for two weeks now.

    • mikecane

      It still must hurt where you are, though!

      • Keishon

        yeah, I meant to add to that that the price is still very very high. I’m hoping that the gas price continues to drop but since this is summer and hurricane season on top of that, I doubt it.

      • mikecane

        Ah! Glad you stopped by. Made me look at your blog. Maybe I will switch to your Theme. Have to see about losing that row of books, though.

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