My Two Revolutionary Wishes For Apple’s WWDC

Everyone else is predicting grand cloud strategies that will reshape all of computing.

My two items are not predictions, just wishes, and I don’t think I’m asking for much:

1) For Apple to relent, recognize the cultural importance and value-enhancement of books, and let eBookstores sell in-app without requiring a business-murdering 30% vig to Apple.

2) For Apple to admit that with over 500,000 items now in the App Store — with many, many more on the way — it can no longer justify taking 30% from developers because Apple absolutely cannot market every app, only provide a Store listing.

What’s so difficult about either of those?

Update, June 6, 2011: Apple did neither. Next!


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6 responses to “My Two Revolutionary Wishes For Apple’s WWDC

  1. Internet guy

    There’s a solution to both your pleas. Goes by the name of Android.

    • Will Gates

      Android sucks. It doesn’t have the quality apps that iOS has. Also Android sucks for developers. Developers don’t make money on Android. All Android has are a lot of wallpaper and fart apps.

  2. Other Internet Guy

    On point 1: Not Apple’s problem.

    Point 2: Apple doesn’t need to justify taking a 30% cut. Apple is Apple and they will do what they want. Marketing your app is also not Apple’s problem. In addition to any visibility one might gain from being featured on the App Store in some way, Apple also provides hosting/bandwidth for your app, an ecosystem in which customers can safely and easily purchase apps, and many other services.

  3. Brett

    Mike, You just don’t get it. 30% is NOT an unreasonable retail markup. That’s why there is plenty of content available for iOS on Apple’s present terms.

  4. Ken Berger

    I hope your wishes do not come true. It would be a slippery slope to the mediocre junk just like Android.

    Why should books not pay for their delivery channel? And why would anyone put untested code on their phone? I want my phone to work.

    • mikecane

      Who said the code would be untested? Perhaps I should have explicitly stated I meant that Apple would *reduce* the 30%? That’s what I meant. I was probably unclear.

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