That Self-Alienated Sociopath, Ayn Rand

At this post, Philosophy Weekend: Why Ayn Rand Is Wrong (and Why It Matters), I left a Comment.

I think it’s worth saving here too (with two typos fixed) so I can refer to it in the future:

Good luck. Rand herself would not be open to logical refutation of her system’s flaws. At bottom, it rests on the variety of people in the world, very few of whom (if any!) are anything like her *imaginary* characters (and she certainly wasn’t like them). Frustrated by such reality, Rand would likely say, “Well, they shouldn’t be like that!” Which is no argument at all. BTW, I’ve read all her fiction and non-fiction books, even got her autograph before she died (saw her at her last public appearance), and a good friend worked for her too. So I just don’t waste my time arguing with Randroids. There is no Howard Roark, there is no John Galt; they are made-up people who do not reflect real human beings and are, in fact, antithetical to *being* human. But none of them seem to be able to grasp that fundamental point to begin with.

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  1. Now it seems there is no longer even a need to argue logic, ethics, or philosophy with Randians. Objective scientific experiments demonstrate that being selfish is not the best winning strategy. These are described in a talk by Martin Nowak about his work on the evolution of cooperation.

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