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A Very Interesting Interview

The headline grabbed me: Power? Thanks, but I’d Rather Have Influence
And this kept me reading:

I was really impatient with under-motivated people … It’s just: “What? You’re doing this thing and you’re not trying to do it really well? I just don’t understand.”

But this made it really worthwhile:

In my world, I read résumés upside down, so I start with personal interests. So if somebody doesn’t have believable, interesting interests, they’re not going to work in a creative business.

And this:

… I tell people, you need to add something to every meeting you come to. The risk is blathering, but you need to add something, and you know something that nobody else knows. And can you share that in a minute?

Now that last part I have to disagree with. Meeting dynamics have always frustrated me. They always turn out to be like that encounter with some S.O.B. who dissed you and you walk away and five minutes later, you think, “Damn! I should have said this… !” But it’s too late. It only came to you five minutes after the fact.



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Obvious Yet Brilliant Invention!

The doorbell that tricks burglars into thinking you’re home – and the boy, 13, who invented it

Smart Bell, designed by 13-year-old Laurence Rook, dials the homeowner’s mobile phone when pressed, allowing them to talk to whoever is outside their front door.

The device even produces a small amount of white noise to give any unexpected guest the impression they are speaking to someone inside the house on an intercom system.

Now, if only apartment buildings could have Smart Bells too!

Imagine that. “Bell Forwarding”!

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These Are The New iCloud Server Icons From Apple

CORRECTION: These are images for MobileMe. Turn around and go away and do not waste your time. Sorry for the false alarm!

Apple has recently taken to filing image trademarks of their devices.

Here is one for their mouse:

I haven’t found anyone else reporting on the image trademarks they’ve filed for the rumored iCloud personal server icon for both OS X and iOS.

AGAIN: Do NOT click More. The following is all INCORRECT.

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Dow 20K: The Final Insanity

James Altucher argues for the Dow hitting 20,000 at CNBC.

That could happen. Only because Wall Street is totally psychotic. The entire economy has become psychotic.

In my hellhole neighborhood with empty stores, a condo complex foreclosed on and 99% empty, two developments suspended and skeletal, they’ve been clearing land to build more shit there’s no market for!

So I wouldn’t put it past the financial sociopaths to go for one last greed grab before reality finally stabs them in their throats.

Keep buying that ammo, America!

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Apple Outsmarts Everyone — Again!

Update, June 6, 2011: Don’t bother reading this post. Nothing of the sort was announced by Apple. Instead, go read: My Reaction To Apple’s WWDC Keynote

What Is Steve Jobs Announcing Monday? Here’s The Scoop About iCloud & Time Capsules [Exclusive]

According to the source, Apple has developed a system to make users’ Time Machine backups available through its new iCloud service.

This is the “Home Folder” access concept that we’ve detailed before (how it will be accessed using NFC iPhones and the role of the Mac App Store). All your files and data — pictures, videos, Word and Excel documents, and so on — will be available anytime, anywhere, on both Mac OS X and iOS devices.

The surprising thing is, iCloud won’t be fed through Apple’s massive new data center in North Carolina, as you might expect.

Instead, the system will be based on Time Capsule, Apple’s wireless router and hard drive backup that’s currently sold in 1TB and 2TB versions. As rumored, Time Capsule will be updated, becoming less of a local backup and more of a personal cloud server, like the newer souped-up NAS (Network Attached Storage) drives from companies like Iomega (we reviewed one here). The new Time Capsule is rumored to run on iOS and come with embedded A4 or A5 CPUs.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

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Blog Theme Changed

I’m less happy with this one than I was with the last one.

But based on some problems readers had with the other one, this should be better for them.


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Standby For Blog Theme Change

I’ll be changing the Theme — appearance — this blog today.

It might go through several changes until I settle on the final one.

I could do this behind the scenes as Previews, but that doesn’t give the full feel of a new theme.

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