A Very Interesting Interview

The headline grabbed me: Power? Thanks, but I’d Rather Have Influence
And this kept me reading:

I was really impatient with under-motivated people … It’s just: “What? You’re doing this thing and you’re not trying to do it really well? I just don’t understand.”

But this made it really worthwhile:

In my world, I read résumés upside down, so I start with personal interests. So if somebody doesn’t have believable, interesting interests, they’re not going to work in a creative business.

And this:

… I tell people, you need to add something to every meeting you come to. The risk is blathering, but you need to add something, and you know something that nobody else knows. And can you share that in a minute?

Now that last part I have to disagree with. Meeting dynamics have always frustrated me. They always turn out to be like that encounter with some S.O.B. who dissed you and you walk away and five minutes later, you think, “Damn! I should have said this… !” But it’s too late. It only came to you five minutes after the fact.


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2 responses to “A Very Interesting Interview

  1. Actually, I agree with the finding out people’s interests thing. I almost always try to work in “favorite sf writer” and “favorite music” as well as some what questions about extra curriculars and why questions about major studies. You have to be careful about the kinds of questions you ask in an interview…being in a sorority is not a minus, but being an alumnus of the 101st Airborn is a definite plus.

    Maybe one should add something to every meeting one attends, however I am more in favor of having less meetings.

    • mikecane

      Meetings always have at least one — as the Romance readers have wonderfully coined it — alphahole who thinks that by spewing words he can dominate. There’s usually NO fucking depth of thought behind the words, but it impresses the shit out of people anyway. Then the silent thinkers like me — who can see it’s nothing but BS designed to dominate — wind up getting screwed down the road.

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