Apple Outsmarts Everyone — Again!

Update, June 6, 2011: Don’t bother reading this post. Nothing of the sort was announced by Apple. Instead, go read: My Reaction To Apple’s WWDC Keynote

What Is Steve Jobs Announcing Monday? Here’s The Scoop About iCloud & Time Capsules [Exclusive]

According to the source, Apple has developed a system to make users’ Time Machine backups available through its new iCloud service.

This is the “Home Folder” access concept that we’ve detailed before (how it will be accessed using NFC iPhones and the role of the Mac App Store). All your files and data — pictures, videos, Word and Excel documents, and so on — will be available anytime, anywhere, on both Mac OS X and iOS devices.

The surprising thing is, iCloud won’t be fed through Apple’s massive new data center in North Carolina, as you might expect.

Instead, the system will be based on Time Capsule, Apple’s wireless router and hard drive backup that’s currently sold in 1TB and 2TB versions. As rumored, Time Capsule will be updated, becoming less of a local backup and more of a personal cloud server, like the newer souped-up NAS (Network Attached Storage) drives from companies like Iomega (we reviewed one here). The new Time Capsule is rumored to run on iOS and come with embedded A4 or A5 CPUs.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

That is just … brilliant!

Do you know what happens when your stuff is stored in the Cloud?

1) HaXXorz can get to it — hello, Sony!

2) The service provider can be served with a Search Warrant to rummage through your stuff — without you ever knowing!

I didn’t think Apple ever wanted to step into the quagmire everyone else is in, being served with Warrants every damn day from every damn agency — as well as from lawyers of the RIAA, MPAA, et al.

Instead, you own your stuff at home. And if anyone wants to get to it, they must notify you. (Unless, of course, you get some insane judge who approves one of those anti-American and un-Constitutional “warrantless” searches — basically a legal breaking and entering.)

See, this is the kind of thing HP should have thought of for webOS. I don’t like the idea of putting my Contacts, Calendar, etc, on someone else’s property.

Apple — if this is true — has again shown it can out-think all of its competitors.


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4 responses to “Apple Outsmarts Everyone — Again!

  1. dave

    hmmm-think pogoplug and its notorious lack of reliability.

    if they get this right then they’ve solve a big problem….


  2. Filecat13

    Hmmm. “All your files r belong to you.”

    I like that idea, if Apple really does it and if it really works.

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