Blog Theme Changed

I’m less happy with this one than I was with the last one.

But based on some problems readers had with the other one, this should be better for them.


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9 responses to “Blog Theme Changed

  1. Sorry, Mike…I vote no on this one…it is butt ugly.

    • mikecane

      It’s sticking, fugly or not. It addresses the problems readers had with the last one. I’m not willing to pay for a theme or CSS editing. If I’m going to put out any money, I’d self-host. Not ready to do that yet.

  2. Yech.

    But I do think the banner is an improvement.

    • mikecane

      The other theme was fugly too. This new one will grow on everyone just like the last one did. Like a creeping disease.

  3. Self-hosting is necessary for me as I sell stuff. But it’s often a lot of work. Plus you need serious back up tools in place, which cost quite a bit.

    But with playing around with their default theme can be good. Create your own headers – run The Gimp, etc. Maybe buy the CSS add-on to play about a bit. It’s low cost so not a big deal.

    In the end it’s the writing that counts, and you have that down to a tee.

    How about that Journalist theme – it’s either Journalist 1 or 2. That could be good for writers. It’s neat and straight to it.

    • mikecane

      What’s important to me for this blog is that links are underlined and in a color different than post headlines and the surrounding text (check), Blockquoting is not italics (check), and I’m not going to throw up every day looking at it (check, even though it does make me queasy right now). People yelled at me and wanted the first item. I hate Blockquoting in italics.

  4. Is there really no other choice? I wasn’t really keen on the previous one but…

    The worst for me is the “Monopolies Fail” subhead. I find it rather jarring. Is it an image?

    • mikecane

      Yeah, it’s an image. It will probably be upgraded by someone with better software than I have. With my crap screen, I can’t see how bad it is really is. But others can. And I want people to see it every time they come here. Until they are repeating it around the world!

  5. Well… as long as you don’t stop blogging…

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