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My Reaction To Apple’s WWDC Keynote

Did many people notice the three items related to iBooks in there?

Source: Engadget liveblog

– Improved PDF support
– Full page curl transition (ugh!)

And one key thing eBook app makers have been wanting:

– Backlight level control

That last one must be Apple’s idea of a bad joke. I don’t see how offering it when you’re about to evict those apps is helpful to them.

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Apple App Store eBook Armageddon Is Now 24 Days Away

The Apple Worldwide Developer Conference Keynote just ended.

No announced change to the status quo. Perhaps that’s the wrong place to expect it, but still.

So nothing has yet changed.

June 30th is the deadline for eBook apps to contain in-app purchasing and fall into compliance with Apple’s demands to hand over 30% vig for the privilege.

Will Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble — to name just the biggest three — comply?

Or will they go the way of iFlow Reader?

Or will Apple come to its senses and relent?

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Concord ePress Is Announced

I got an email today announcing the opening of Concord ePress.

For those who don’t know, Concord Free Press came first and had the revolutionary business model of giving away print books for free.

I got two of them and was looking forward to the third when they changed their terms and I wouldn’t agree to them. The terms weren’t onerous, but I wouldn’t pledge something I might not be able to carry out, so…

Anyway, now they have a pay-for eBook press and one of the books available is the scariest book I have ever read: Senseless by Stona Fitch.

I mentioned that book once before, in this post: Book Publishing: Two Ravens’ View. For everyone who tried to contort themselves to buy that book from that incompetent company, you no longer have to. Just go to Concord ePress. You’ll be led to Amazon’s Kindle Store to buy.

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Could The Barnes & Noble Nook Touch Be The First Universal eBook Device?

It didn’t click with me for a while because I just find the new Nook Touch to be so fugly (as I do the Kindle 3).

But rooting could make it the first Universal eInk eBook Device.

If it could run Kindle for Android, that’d take care of Kindle books and pre-empt sales of the upcoming touchscreen Kindle 4.

It it could run Aldiko, that would give it the universal Adobe DRM access without requiring the Nook part of the device. It’d also be a big blow to sales of the new Kobo eReader Touch.

And, of course, if you still want the Nook part of the device, most rooting schemes I’ve seen can keep that intact with easy access.

According to Nook Devs, the Nook Touch is similar to the NookColor.

I’m not even going to go into things like having access to a web browser, simple games, and even Twitter.

It’s the eBook potential that now excites me.

Barnes & Noble could find itself selling jillions of the Nook Touch to people who have no intention of ever using it as a Nook. Just as they did with the NookColor.

Someone get rooting all sorted out!

Update: The person who did the video I linked to below is also working on the rooting method. His prior experience is creating a root method for the NookColor original eInk Nook! This should be good.

Previously here:

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Video: Angry Birds On Rooted Barnes & Noble Nook Touch

All of you who said you’d get a Nook Touch just to root it might want to rethink that idea after seeing this painful video.


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Bob Lefsetz On Video

I was typing a Comment in a site and wanted to reference Lefsetz so I Googled. And lo, he’s in several videos.

Here’s a good introduction:

Dumb of me never to have thought to look on YouTube before now.

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Chinese Weibo To Challenge Twitter

This is very interesting: Sina Weibo preparing English site, to go head on against Twitter in 2-3 months

I’d like to try that out in English.

This is what its home page looks like:

Click = big

There’s a short video walkthrough after the break.

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A Real WTF!?!!? Optical Illusion

This is short and it’s not a scary video or a prank.

Stare at the dot in the center.

To see what the illusion was, run it again and look anywhere except at the dot.

It got me. Did it get you too?


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DRM And Design Buggers eBook Reading

Writer Christopher Fowler bangs up against the two Ds that limit the widest acceptance of eBooks, DRM and Design, in this post: eReading: The Love Affair Wanes


But I hate it for DRM – the outrageous rip-off of digital rights management that prevents me from reading the e-book I have just paid for. Purchasing ‘The Psychopath Test’ by Jon Ronson on Kindle For Mac, I found I couldn’t translate it to my Sony because it was protected, which is like someone selling me a book that I can read in my home but not on a bus.


… Kindle, which appears to have been designed by monkeys who like steampunk.

Yes, Chris did what many of you do — and I know you do, so STFU — buy a Kindle book and then strip it and convert it to ePub.

In this case, it seems the DRM — or something — has defeated his plans for this book. (I’d be surprised to learn it’s in TPZ file format. Does anyone know?)


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June 6, 1944: Thank You

Wikipedia: Normandy landings

On this date, sixty-seven years ago …

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