Concord ePress Is Announced

I got an email today announcing the opening of Concord ePress.

For those who don’t know, Concord Free Press came first and had the revolutionary business model of giving away print books for free.

I got two of them and was looking forward to the third when they changed their terms and I wouldn’t agree to them. The terms weren’t onerous, but I wouldn’t pledge something I might not be able to carry out, so…

Anyway, now they have a pay-for eBook press and one of the books available is the scariest book I have ever read: Senseless by Stona Fitch.

I mentioned that book once before, in this post: Book Publishing: Two Ravens’ View. For everyone who tried to contort themselves to buy that book from that incompetent company, you no longer have to. Just go to Concord ePress. You’ll be led to Amazon’s Kindle Store to buy.


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