Could The Barnes & Noble Nook Touch Be The First Universal eBook Device?

It didn’t click with me for a while because I just find the new Nook Touch to be so fugly (as I do the Kindle 3).

But rooting could make it the first Universal eInk eBook Device.

If it could run Kindle for Android, that’d take care of Kindle books and pre-empt sales of the upcoming touchscreen Kindle 4.

It it could run Aldiko, that would give it the universal Adobe DRM access without requiring the Nook part of the device. It’d also be a big blow to sales of the new Kobo eReader Touch.

And, of course, if you still want the Nook part of the device, most rooting schemes I’ve seen can keep that intact with easy access.

According to Nook Devs, the Nook Touch is similar to the NookColor.

I’m not even going to go into things like having access to a web browser, simple games, and even Twitter.

It’s the eBook potential that now excites me.

Barnes & Noble could find itself selling jillions of the Nook Touch to people who have no intention of ever using it as a Nook. Just as they did with the NookColor.

Someone get rooting all sorted out!

Update: The person who did the video I linked to below is also working on the rooting method. His prior experience is creating a root method for the NookColor original eInk Nook! This should be good.

Previously here:

Video: Angry Birds On Rooted Barnes & Noble Nook Touch



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3 responses to “Could The Barnes & Noble Nook Touch Be The First Universal eBook Device?

  1. I’m Brazzy and I’m as excited as you are about the new Nook Touch. Hubba-hubba-hubba!

  2. Charles

    Good blog post! However, I’ve heard that the Kobo eReader is a better product than the nook. What do you think?

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