DRM And Design Buggers eBook Reading

Writer Christopher Fowler bangs up against the two Ds that limit the widest acceptance of eBooks, DRM and Design, in this post: eReading: The Love Affair Wanes


But I hate it for DRM – the outrageous rip-off of digital rights management that prevents me from reading the e-book I have just paid for. Purchasing ‘The Psychopath Test’ by Jon Ronson on Kindle For Mac, I found I couldn’t translate it to my Sony because it was protected, which is like someone selling me a book that I can read in my home but not on a bus.


… Kindle, which appears to have been designed by monkeys who like steampunk.

Yes, Chris did what many of you do — and I know you do, so STFU — buy a Kindle book and then strip it and convert it to ePub.

In this case, it seems the DRM — or something — has defeated his plans for this book. (I’d be surprised to learn it’s in TPZ file format. Does anyone know?)



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2 responses to “DRM And Design Buggers eBook Reading

  1. Timothy Wilhoit

    The file for “The Psychopath Test” is .azw. Yes, I had to buy it to find that piece of info but it looked interesting. ^_^

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